• Is the menopause on your radar? Do the negative image and conflicting information associated with this universal life stage leave you confused, hot and bothered?

    We are on a mission to uncover how the menopause really impacts women’s lives.

    Whether culturally and medically, society’s portrayal of the menopause is out of touch with how women live their lives today.


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  • The menopause. Pause for thought. End of fertility? End of purpose?


    ...Or just a very natural universal life stage that happens to most women, like the onset of menstruation or childbirth?


    There is an unhealthy paradox at play. At a time when middle youth is rolling into many women’s 7th decade the perception of menopause, as the gateway to old age, is bang out of date.


    Middle-aged women are healthier, more educated, sexier and up for adventure. More than ever before they are running the world and working for longer. And currently the menopause is an obstacle, at this important life stage, rather than a right of passage. Today’s ‘ageless women’ need better information, more support at home and at work and to feel a whole lot better about the inevitable.


    The menopause is a time to pause for thought. A time to contemplate your goals, take stock and reset your wellness goals and protect your health. The menopause needs a rebrand. Last Moon party anyone?


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